What To Do If You Find A Hedgehog In The Winter

What To Do If You Find A Hedgehog In The Winter

Hedgehogs do not have to hibernate all winter. They can actually wake themselves up, if they are in need of food and water, or if their nest becomes disturbed or waterlogged. If this happens, the hedgehog may be able to fix this themselves. However, if they are not, they are likely to venture into gardens and more suburban areas in search of food, water, and shelter. There are many different ways in which humans can help these distressed, lost, and sometimes injured animals.

 If a hedgehog is found injured, it is sometimes possible to help rear the animal back to health. If you find a hedgehog in need of assistance, it is important to carefully asses that you can handle looking after the creature. If you feel like you cannot take on the responsibility, or the hedgehog is too ill for you to look after, it is important to contact the RSPCA or another animal protection society immediately, so they can come and pick it up.

 Most of the time, an injured or lost hedgehog will be found at night. These hedgehogs are common ones that have had their nests disturbed, or have been attacked by a fox or other animal. If a hedgehog is found at night, it is likely that an animal rescue team will not be able to pick it up until the morning. If this is the case, then there are a few things you can do to ensure the hedgehogs overnight stay with you will be as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

 First, take a clean towel. This must not have scents of your other animals on it, as that may distress the hedgehog. Place this in your bath, ensuring that the plug is covered and there is nothing in the bath that may injure the hog.

 Place a flat plate with food into the bath. You can feed a hedgehog with a mushed up cat or dog food, or scrambled eggs that are cooked with no additions and a little oil- these must be served at room temperature.

 Take a box that is large enough for the hedgehog to stay in comfortably, place a small towel in the bottom of it, and cover most of the top with a larger towel - leave a small gap, so the hedgehog will be aware that it can stay in there.

 When your spiked guest has been picked up by the correct people, you will notice an unpleasant odor about the place. Carefully, wearing gloves, collect all the blankets and towels you have used for the hedgehog's impromptu bath bed, and place them in the washing machine. It is also important to disinfect your bath. This way you can avoid contracting or carrying any diseases, ticks or fleas the hedgehog may have had.
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