What Do You Do If You Find A Bird Out Of The Nest?

What Do You Do If You Find A Bird Out Of The Nest?

The common misconception that is made by most humans is that once a baby bird has been touched by human hands, the mother will reject it. This is not true. No matter the scents on the baby, the mother will know it is the child that it has been searching for. However, if you are dealing with a baby bird that has fallen from the nest, it is good practice to wear gloves so that any potential disease the bird is carrying will not be transferred to you, your hands or clothes. If you cannot find gloves, using the edges of your shirt or your jacket - which you should wash once you reach your home - can work just as well.

 Within the spring and summer, it is incredibly common to find young birds sitting on the ground, or hopping about with no sign of the parents. However, this does not mean that the animal is in need of assistance. Mother and father may be close by, keeping a watchful eye on their chick. Most fledglings will head out of the nest before they are able to fly, but when they are fully feathered. This freedom can help their feathers finish developing, and can help Mum and Dad see how well their chick will do when they finally leave to start their own family.

 If you come across a very small, weak looking baby bird, it is important to carefully asses it before taking action. Is the chick bald, or covered in a soft downy feathering? Then this is a nestling, and it really needs to be put back in its nest. If you are unable to find the nest, then put the nestling in a safe place - at the base of a tree, or in another, empty nest - and keep a watchful eye for the mother.

 The only time you should ever remove a bird of any kind from its home is if the bird is injured. Whether a nestling, fledgling, or fully grown adult, the only type of bird that needs to be taken to the RSPCA, RSPB or local vet is one that is obviously injured or sick.

 Many people will simply take a bird home and care for it until it is better and then keep it as a pet. This is only something that someone should do if he or she is able to care for animals such as birds, and if they aren't then many entertainers that use birds will take them on.
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