The Bullmastiff in Film

The Bullmastiff in Film

Bullmastiffs are known for their goofy faces, their big frames, and their ability to be great guard dogs, but many people don't realize just how smart they can be-be when properly trained. So smart, in fact, that multiple movies have been made over the years with Bullmastiffs in them because they have the ability to do their jobs as actors and make moviegoers fall in love with them.

 These three Bullmastiffs below aren't the only ones that have made it on the big screen, but they are three of the most famous Hollywood Bullmastiffs.

 Butkus, from the Rocky Franchise

 Sylvester Stallone may have been the star of the Rocky franchise, but even he would tell you that the entire process of making those movies was made easier because he had his trusty companion Butkus by his side.

 Butkus was a fawn Bullmastiff who gained quick fame because not only was he Stallone's pet, he also shared some screen time with his owner in the film series. He didn't necessarily have to do any real doggy acting, but the fact that he was a large dog and was as sweet as can be meant that fans of the franchise fell in love with him, too.

 What many people don't know about Butkus is that Stallone had actually given him up to another owner so he could focus on making the first Rocky film. It was only once he realized that he needed a pet for the film that he had to beg the new owner to get him back. After that, Stallone couldn't let the big, beautiful Bullmastiff go again.

 Butkus can be seen in both the first Rocky and Rocky II, and there are plenty of photos spread across the internet of Stallone and his favorite pup.

 Spot, from See Spot Run

 A spot may be the most famous Bullmastiff in movie history, as he has more screen time than any other Bullmastiff. This movie was a full-on comedy, so Spot had to follow his commands with great comedic timing, which he definitely did.

 If you are a huge fan of Bullmastiffs, this movie is a must-see because Spot has plenty of screen time and has some pretty hilarious scenes. I wouldn't say it's a great film, but kids usually love it and it's worth seeing just to see Spot do his thing.

 Frank from Frank

 While the film "Frank" wasn't very popular, it is a must-see for anyone who loves Bullmastiffs. Like Spot, Frank the dog had plenty of screen time and did a wonderful job in this family film. Just about anyone who saw this film will tell you that Frank was wonderful in it.

 Frank is a great movie to show to anyone who wants to own a Bullmastiff but isn't sure if it will be good with kids. Frank the dog shows in this film just how patient the breed is with kids.

 All Bullmastiff owners should own these movies because you'll be able to see both the craziness and the loveable nature that you're used to from your own dogs.
 If you are inspired to do your own research as a result of this article, more information on the Bullmastiff breed can be found at a breed association such as Dogs Queensland.
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