Raising Swans As Pets - 3 Things You Should Know If You Care For Your Swans

Raising Swans As Pets - 3 Things You Should Know If You Care For Your Swans

When we hear the word "pets" we immediately think of dogs or cats. They are probably the most common domesticated animals whom people enjoy having a company in their homes. There are a bunch of animals actually that you can treat as pets and can easily be trained to interact in a friendly manner with humans. Swans, for example, can be a great pet to keep in your home especially if you live near a body of water.

 Raising swans as pets should not be that hard if you have enough knowledge about how these beings think and interact. Here are 3 things you need to know about raising swans as pets. It is important to remember all these so you know how to deal with your swans if you ever intend to domesticate them and turn them into lovely pets.

  • Temperament of Swans as Pets 
 Temperament is a very important aspect to keep in mind. Swans can make really good pets if they are well imprinted to human interactions and if they recognize you as their parent or caretaker. They are usually very calm, gentle and docile pets when trained properly. It has actually been observed by many people that swans would even prefer human company over their own kind so having them as pets can be very advantageous.

 If you think dogs are the only security pets you can have at home, you are definitely underestimating swans. They can also make very good security pets as they tend to easily get alarmed when they feel something isn't normal or right. But because they tend to be hostile towards other people, children are no exception. They are usually not accustomed to interacting with children so as young as your swans are, you should expose them to your children already. Likewise, teach your children how to properly interact with swans so they develop a harmonious relationship.

  • The housing of Swans as Pets 
 The good thing about raising swans as pets are that it is not that hard to create good housing for them. All they need are a few things in their home to keep them alive. If you are planning to take home cygnets before they turn into swans, you will need a small cardboard box, a heat lamp, a feeder for their feeds and a shallow bowl for water. Just like the box with some paper towels or straw to help you clean up their mess easily. That's basically all you need! Of course, as they grow older you will need a bigger pen to house them but this should not be that hard for you to make too. Also, don't forget to take them outside once in a while for exercise when they are old enough to do so.

  • Cleaning the Mess 
 Raising swans as pets entails you, as their owner or parent, to clean up their mess. It is your responsibility to clean up their mess. If they mess up in their housing, it is very easy to clean as all you need to do is change the lined paper towels or straws. But if you like to keep your swans roaming freely inside your home you can actually make an improvised swan diaper. You can attach a plastic bag under the feathers of their tails or let them wear a harness where they can release their dirt anytime. Swans cannot be potty trained and they mess often so you have to be prepared to clean up their mess. Train them to wear such while they are still cygnets so they grow accustomed to the feeling of having a plastic bag or harness.

 Raising swans as pets should not be too complicated if you are dedicated and determined to domesticate them. Just remember these things so you know how you can properly take care and raise your swans to be the best pets there are.
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