Protect Your Garden From Your Cats

Protect Your Garden From Your Cats

Wouldn't life be more splendid if your cat will stop rampaging in your garden? The first thing you have to do is to secure your fences. Since cats are inquisitive and cunning, even little gaps in your fences could be an opportunity for them to enter into your garden. Your cat is also lithe and agile so it can jump over fences. Mounting a taut wire over your fence is sensible since this will stop them from jumping over.

Once your cat enters your garden, it may be difficult to make it move out. However, there are methods to get it out of there. As we all know, dogs dislike cats so most people use dogs to scare away cats in the garden. Some breeds of dogs that are effective are Dobermans and Pit Bull.

If you do not have dogs around, squirting water towards the cat can frighten it away. A water hose and a bucket of water are the most basic things you need for this technique. If one squirt of water is not enough, do it again and again until it takes the hint. Aside from a bucket and a garden hose, you can also use a sprinkler. In a local hardware store, you can purchase a motion activated sprinkler that is also effective in driving out cats. A motion-activated sprinkler can sense immediately movement and will sprinkle some water where it sensed movement. The sprinkler will be able to target your cat, squirt water at it and drive it away. When the cat is hit with water a couple of times, it will recognize that the garden is not the place for it.

Your prized plants need protection from your cat as well. It may attempt to make your bed of roses its litter box. To solve this problem, set some moth balls among the plants. The scent of the mothballs can drive your cat away from the bushes. Aside from mothballs, aromatic oils like citronella, cayenne, lemongrass, mustard, and lavender can also be used. Another repulsive odor for cats is tobacco.

Ultrasonic devices can also be used to prevent your cats from ruining your plants. The high-frequency sounds emitted by these devices, which cannot be perceived by people, are annoying for cats. Some ultrasonic devices are cordless while some have infrared motion detectors. You have to consider the size of your garden when buying ultrasonic devices. Examine the product first and see if its range can cover your entire garden.

You can also use commercial repellents to rid the garden of cats. These repellents have a scent that cats hate. They are even effective to drive away other animals. Commercial repellents do contain chemicals, so be cautious in using them because some of these chemicals can be dangerous to health. If your garden contains vegetable crops, it is wise to refrain from using commercial repellents.

Fences, water, sprinklers, dogs, ultrasonic devices and commercial repellents are just a few stuff that can aid you in preventing your cat from destroying your garden. Allowing your cats to be in your garden is a no-no. Do your part and safeguard your garden.
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