Cat Enclosures For Outdoors Give Cat a Breath of Fresh Air

Cat Enclosures For Outdoors Give Cat a Breath of Fresh Air

Cat enclosures for outdoors are a great way for your indoor kitty to get a breath of fresh air and indulge in some safe birdwatching. Having been an abandoned outdoor kitten myself, I do appreciate the dangers of the great outdoors and how much safer it is to be an indoor cat. Indoor kitties do live longer, healthier and safer lives but sometimes the call of the backyard is ever so tempting......

There's nothing at all wrong with being an indoor kitty. Indoor kitties are much safer. We don't have to deal with the mean neighborhood kids, dogs and other wild beasts waiting to pounce on us. Being indoors also eliminates the danger of cars. Ugly, nasty smelly things that take us to the vet's office and can also squish a kitty in a matter of seconds. *Shudder*

Indoor kitties also tend to bond more with their humans. After all, we look to you for our food and entertainment. We may act all aloof and picky, but we really do love to curl up on your lap to be petted and loved. We also would much rather play with that catnip mouse that you brought home instead of chasing the real thing. Have you ever tasted mouse? Yuck. Catnip is much tastier, so is tuna. Now bird on the other hand.... hmmm nice roasted parakeet.

Okay, so being indoors is safer, healthier, and loving. It can also get a bit boring at times, especially when the humans in your life are spending all their time outdoors. We want to be there with you! Remember, a bored kitty is a destructive kitty. A fat kitty is a bored kitty who ate herself into a fat hood because she was bored. A bored kitty will eye your toes at 2 in the morning as an appropriate toy and the corner of the couch as a great place to sharpen her claws just to stir things up from time to time.

So what can your human do to keep you safe and let you join them in the garden or on the patio or balcony from time to time? Outside cat enclosures are a great solution. They are fully enclosed and built to keep kitties inside the scary part of the outdoors out. We have one that is attached to our cat flap so we can come and go as we please. Out tunnel leads to a teepee with different levels so we can keep an eye on the world from assorted viewpoints.

I love our outdoor cat enclosure because it gives me a chance to do some up close birdwatching. I just know one of these days I'm going to get a chance at one of those feathered fly toys. Oh, I mean to identify them of course.

There are a variety of styles of cat enclosures for outdoors. There are some like ours that are tunnels that can be hooked together into an elaborate maze. There are some that are small and portable, perfect for an apartment balcony. There are some that that are big enough for a human to join you in. Wherever you live I'm sure your human can find one that would suit your kitty needs.
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